Patti LuPone, a Hollywood veteran, sent out a tweet that threw theatre lovers into a frenzy on Monday (Oct 17).

“It’s been a busy week on Broadway, with my name being mentioned a lot. I gave up my Equality card and left the circus. Determine it, “LuPone is presumably referring to a recent incident in which a cast member of Broadway’s Hadestown reprimanded an audience member from the stage for photographing the play when she was really using a captioning device due to hearing loss. On at least two occasions, LuPone has infamously disciplined people in the crowd from the stage, halting a concert of the 2008 revival of Gypsy due to camera flashes and physically snatching an audience participant’s in-use mobile phone during an Off-Broadway production of Shows for Days.

Samantha Coleman, an audience member without hearing problems, attended the production Hadestown a few days ago and utilised a captioning gadget during the performance. During the show, the show’s star, Lillias White, shouted out Samantha, mistaking the gadget for a digital recorder.

Patti LuPone has previously chastised Broadway audience members for using recording devices on stage. She grabbed an audience member’s smartphone while on stage in 2015. Patti recently went on a rampage about a theatregoer who declined to wear a mask throughout a talk-back she was a part of.

Actors’ Union and LuPone did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publishing.

LuPone’s extensive Broadway clear guideline Tony Awards for Evita in 1980, Gypsy in 2008, and Company in 2022. She has featured on Broadway in Working, Olivier!, Anything Goes, Whooshing sounds Off, Sweeney Todd, Women just on Edge of a Nervous Breakdown, and Face Paint, among others, and is known for her high-flying vocals and Juilliard-trained acting abilities.

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