Markiplier has stated that he will create an Only Fans account if his community fulfils the “conditions” listed in his introduction video.


You did not envision hearing an overwhelming gasp in the air or the swift typing fingers of individuals all across the world coming to Apple or Google Podcasts only two hours ago. Markiplier, a YouTuber, made an amazing statement to viewers in a video, and they’re doing their little bit to make it actually happen.

Mark said that they’ve “never been number number 1 Apple Podcast,” but had been on Spotify for a “short day.” The second requirement is similar in that fans must also listen to his additional podcast, Go! My Preferred Sports Team. Mark and Tyler Scheid host this sports-focused podcast, where they discuss all topics sports and athletics each week.

Markiplier has yet to announce the specific content and type of the OnlyFans account, or when he will create it – providing his community and viewership meet the conditions.

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